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All on 4 treatment

A revolutionary, cost-effective technique that will transform your smile and your life. Using the latest, state-of-the-art techniques.

All on 4

Transform your smile with this revolutionary, cost-effective dental technique. Using just 4 dental implants, we can replace broken down or missing teeth with a full set of fixed teeth that will look great and allow you to eat the food you love again.

Get your new teeth in 3 days.

$14,897 per arch

Dental implant

Dentures and bridges can be difficult and problematic. Here at Brisbane and Sydney’s leading dental implant centre, we use innovative new techniques to replace teeth with a reliable, long-term solution in a single surgical procedure.

Get in touch today and love your smile again.

$3,497 per tooth

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Up to 36 months interest-free

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What is an All on 4?

All on 4 is an innovative and increasingly popular procedure whereby broken down or missing teeth are replaced with a new set of permanent teeth, on just four dental implants. These implants are inserted into each jaw, providing a foundation for a bridge, to which fixed a set of teeth can then be added. It is a permanent teeth replacement option that offers a permanent alternative to dentures or poor-quality teeth.

All on 4 procedure

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During our free consultation, we work with you to create a customised dental treatment plan. This includes X-rays, photos and CT scans.

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At this stage of the All on Four procedure, all of your teeth will be removed.

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Your new set of teeth are fitted and adjusted, which can normally be done within 72 hours.

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We teach you to clean your All on four and look after your bridge. Additionally, we give you a night guard and take post-operative photos so you can look good with your new smile.

All on 4 luxury options

Upgrades are available for an optimal smile, feel and strength using the best materials.
Discuss your options with our expert during your consultation.

Nobel Biocare upgrade


Upgrade implant hardware and components to Nobel Biocare, the founders and originators of All on Four.

The deluxe Zirconia bridge upgrade


The ultimate in strength and biocompatibility, this premium bridge is made from a Zirconia monolithic framework set around a custom milled and designed titanium sub-structure. The teeth themselves are made from Zirconia, making them extremely strong and the most highly aesthetic bridge material. To put the finishing touches on your bridge, the last layers are hand sculptured in highly aesthetic porcelain to individualise the bridge and maintain the look and feel of natural teeth.

Oral hygiene package



  • 2 check up and cleans per year, including bridge removal.
  • 10% off any new bridge outside of the warranty period or bridge upgrades.
  • Waterpik cleaning device for at home maintenance.

All on 4 before and after

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Dental Implant

Dental Implant

Historically, missing teeth have been replaced with removable dentures and bridges which attach to the neighbouring teeth. This can potentially damage healthy teeth and leave you with bigger problems. Modern techniques mean we can replace a tooth with a great-looking, permanent dental implant in just one surgical procedure.


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We do X-rays and CT scans and provide you with a detailed treatment plan including a breakdown of costs and schedule.

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Implant placement and a temporary restoration – we will always strive to provide you with temporary teeth whilst the implant fuses to your bone.

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After 3 or 4 months, impressions are taken to allow the technician to make the final implant supported teeth.

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You’ll receive your final implant supported teeth and enjoy your new smile!

Dental implants before and after

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Being quoted elsewhere or thinking of going overseas?

We offer experienced, local quality, local manufacturer with local guarantee and a price that can’t be beaten.

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Additional Treatments

Gum and bone grafting

Gum and bone grafting

When teeth are lost, the bone and gums begin to weaken and reduce immediately; the longer you wait to put in an implant, the more tissue is lost. Gum and bone grafting are techniques to encourage the growth of bone and soft tissue where they have been lost.


(including X-rays)

Sinus lifting

Sinus lift

Elevation of the floor of the sinus to create room for bone grafting and implant placement.


(including X-rays)

wisdom tooth extraction

Wisdom teeth

Discover our all-inclusive wisdom teeth removal treatment, expertly designed to ensure a comfortable experience as we skillfully extract all four wisdom teeth in one seamless procedure


Includes all 4


Did you know that you can get an early release of your superannuation to pay for your or your family member’s dental implants?

We also accept Zip, Afterpay, TLC and Humm payments. You can book now and beneficiate of an interest-free period of up to 36 months.

Finally, we are an accredited health provider, so you can claim the costs with your private health insurance.

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We love and accept the following

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